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Calligra, past, present, future, a few answers

This represent my view of the events, and of what I expect will happen. And not in any case, the KDE community or Calligra project views. I also hope it gives some answers to a few questions and comments. A … Continue reading

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Braindump 0.8.0

A bit overdue, the first release of Braindump is available. It has been a while since I announced the project of making a tool that gather allow to dump your thoughts into an electronic form. For those who have forget … Continue reading

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Braindump 0.8.0

Avec retard, la première version de Braindump est disponible. Cela fait un moment depuis que j’ai annoncé le projet de développer un outils dont le but est de collecter les idées sous une forme électronique. Pour ceux qui ont oublié … Continue reading

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How to find where an exception is emited with Qt ?

When an exception is thrown and not catched in a Qt application, it get catched by Qt’s event loop, and the following message is displayed in the console: Qt has caught an exception thrown from an event handler. Throwing exceptions … Continue reading

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