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Braindump 0.8.0

A bit overdue, the first release of Braindump is available. It has been a while since I announced the project of making a tool that gather allow to dump your thoughts into an electronic form. For those who have forget … Continue reading

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Krita, a painting application, not really new news

The time when Krita was borne as KImageShop, as a Gimp-for-KDE is long gone. Not sure when this idea was killed, but it is clear that it has never really be the intention of the current team. The ambiguity of … Continue reading

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Krita’s Hackfest, meeting with the Blender guys

During this week, Boudewijn is hosting Sven, Lukas and me for a Krita hackfest, dedicated to bug fixing, performance, UI improvement. Among the major improvements brought by that week are improvement in the memory consumption, thanks to a collaboration between … Continue reading

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The difficult choice of removing features

Adding a new feature is usually considered easy in the open source world, and then it is taken for granted. Removing a feature, on the other hand, it is a different story. It is not about making Krita less useful, … Continue reading

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Krita Meeting 2010 – Day 2

Yesterday was the second day of the krita meeting 2010. It was oriented toward technical discussions, and UI design discussions. In the technical area, I and Dmitry had a long talk on how to improve the filter API, to make … Continue reading

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How to find where an exception is emited with Qt ?

When an exception is thrown and not catched in a Qt application, it get catched by Qt’s event loop, and the following message is displayed in the console: Qt has caught an exception thrown from an event handler. Throwing exceptions … Continue reading

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Inserting shapes/images in KOffice

A while ago, in a praise of karbon 2.0 I wrote, someone commented on the “lack” of tools in karbon, as opposed to inkscape. And from forum posts, or, it seems to cause some confusions. For instance, there is … Continue reading

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OpenGTL 0.9.5 and Darkroom 1.3

Today I am making a joint release of OpenGTL and Darkroom, for the main reason that I have made quiet a lot of bug fixes in OpenGTL that are needed to get a fully working Darkroom. OpenGTL 0.9.5 Among the … Continue reading

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