A most exciting chance encounter

This afternoon, walking with the dogs, I noticed a fresh dear trail in the snow, which we started to follow. A few meters away, the deer was standing foraging for food under the snow, curious and cautious, the dogs walk until a few meters away from the deer. We must have come under the wind, since the deer did not notice us, until…


… Vovve started barking. And immediately, the deer run away, tailed by the two dogs.


There is absolutely zero chances for the dogs to get to the deer, it is simply much faster. After a few jumps, it is already far away in the wood.

On a more technical point of view, this illustrates the challenge for photographing wild life, as a photographer, you get a few miliseconds, to frame and focus the picture. Your best hope is actually to take pictures in burst, and hope that something good comes out of it. The first picture I took was completely blured, for the second one the camera had focused on trees (see the first picture above), then I got a couple of shots with the deer running, in all kind of strange positions, or dogs hidden by trees.

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