Calligra Sprint Spring 2011, Day 1

Today was the main day for the meeting, the morning was dedicated to some general discussions, while the afternoon was about the user interfaces.

In our general discussions, we talked about the release schedules, this include starting releasing monthly snapshots, until the first beta in September, for a stable release that would occure by the end of the year. Then we would switch to a four monthes schedule. We also discussed our marketing message, to emphazie more the different user interface (desktop, mobile), the availability of an office engine and lastly we discussed some logo drafts (they look really nice !).

After a short break, we had some discussions on whether we should be more Qt-only, or if the KDE libs dependency is not an issue, but while a year ago, the Qt-only road was very tempting, a lot of work has happen on KDE libs’s mobile profile that is making the dependency less a problem. Then we talked about some issues surrounding calligra extensions, especially the problem of selecting the default for plugins and to load plugins only on demand. And finally we had some discussions on the scripting APIs.

For lunch, we first started by walking a kilometer (or two) and get loss somewhere in Berlin, before going back close to the office, and have a lunch in a nice Croatian restaurant. And we had discussions around the future of Krita.

After the lunch, we held discussions around the User Interface. First, Anna presented the results of usuability testing of Calligra Words, focused on the startup dialog and the docker interractions. There is some work to do, and we will get some gigabytes of results. Then we had a long discussions on what belongs to the tool options, or to some general dockers, or if we could have options on the canvas… Then Jaroslaw presented an alternative for the startup dialog.

For the break, we had the first projection of the first movie made using Krita:

Then we had long discussions on how to embedd documents, from KParts to creating a custom canvas. And how to create a seperation between the engine and the UI, for each applications.

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3 Responses to Calligra Sprint Spring 2011, Day 1

  1. pusu says:

    The four month relase schedule sounds interesting, I was under impression that Calligra would move to a annual relase cycle. The start up mock-ups were also nice, two windows on start-up is not cool.

    But yeah, keep up the good work :p

  2. Silvio Grosso says:

    Hi Cyrille,

    Thanks a lot indeed for your interesting reports 😉

    > And we had discussions around the future of Krita.

    Looking forward to reading about them :-)

  3. Ike AhLoe says:

    If you push to get the animator plugin into the next krita release or release it as a “.calligra-extension” file, you’ll see many more animations. I’m just working on my 3DCG stuff until there’s a good FOSS tool for painterly hand drawn animations. I have a film project I need something like this for. TVPaintPro is the only other linux solution i know that would be adequate enough, but it’s a commercial and it costs a crap load of doll hairs.

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