Calligra Sprint Spring 2011, Day 0

Last evening, we left our little dog at the dog-sitter, a ton of food for the cat. And this morning, at 4:30 the alarm clock rang and we left Linköping for Berlin. We arrived in the middle of the afternoon at KDAB’s office, and we met Jaroslaw and Jarek on the street in front of the office.

People kept arriving after us, and are still arriving. And right now, it is the usual friday night, computers on the table, people talking about difference between Russian and Slovak, other being more serious and fixing bugs, unit tests, discussing patches, refactoring… Or simply talking about the meaning of life.

Soon we are going to head out and eat food.

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One Response to Calligra Sprint Spring 2011, Day 0

  1. jstaniek says:

    Actually they were me (Jarosław/Jarek) and Radek :)

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