KOffice 2.3.0, Braindump 0.10.0

The latest version of KOffice 2.3.0 has finally been released today. More information available in the announcement that you can read either on koffice.org or on the brand new website calligra-suite.org. Among improvements, a lot of bug fixes, performance, and especially Krita has reached the quality level required for users to make art with it, as shown in the video in the Krita announcement.

But this release also brings new features, such as a slide sorter view, or support for viewing annimations in KPresenter (as shown in the video below), a new color selector or canvas rotation in Krita. More detailed information available in the KOffice 2.3.0 changelog.

KPresenter (Calligra Stage) animation from Calligra Suite on Vimeo.

Also I am making the last stand alone release of Braindump 0.10.0, since the next releases will be done as part of the Calligra Familly.

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7 Responses to KOffice 2.3.0, Braindump 0.10.0

  1. Silver says:

    Do you happen to know where to find Braindump’s RPM? I’d really like to try it, but I won’t be installing it from source.

  2. Mike says:

    Hi Cyrill,

    Good job!! It would be great if you could provide a shot changelog for version 0.10 (if you have a chance).

    Thanks a lot.

    Best regards,

  3. Cyrille Berger says:

    No I have no idea, this is one of the reason why I want it to be distributed with calligra.

  4. Cyrille Berger says:

    As usual with braindump releases, most of the actual changes come from koffice itself, there is little changes needed in the application itself (well there would be a need for some UI improvements).

  5. Dominik Kummer says:

    Hi how are you?!
    First of all, Im new to kde and koffice, but I don’t understand why koffice will be called calligra soon. It doesnt make any sense to me, further the developement seems to move away from Kontact-Integration.
    I tried to use KPlato and KJots because I thought that it might fit my purpose, but they didn’t. No Akonadi-Resources available. Braindump wasn’t easy to compile, but it only showed the possibilities of Koffice-Architecture.
    So I hacked treeline a bit to organize my information and export a pretty pdf via latex.
    Now I ask myself if anyone isn’t interested in a combination of KPlato, KJots and Braindump to a real (:-) KBrain between Kontact and Koffice (something like treeline with latex)
    Do you know where I can ask my questions?

  6. Cyrille Berger says:

    To discuss new ideas about KDE application, I suggest the brainstorm section of the forum: http://forum.kde.org/brainstorm.php

    Changing name to koffice -> calligra does not mean moving away from collaboration with kontact. KPlato already has some kind of communication with kontact, and I can only see that increasing in the future, of course, all depending on developer time :) I was also thinking about note sharing between braindump and kjots, but have not found the time to work on this.

  7. Torsten says:

    Are there installation instructions somewhere? It seems one cannot install it the usual way …

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