extensions.krita.org goes live !

Six months ago, after our last meeting, where it was decided that non-painting useful features should be moved away from Krita main distribution, and we decided to setup a new platform for distributing and maintaining them. This is when the Krita extensions project was started, including a three steps plan:

  • A build dashboard.
  • A user visible website with information on the extensions.
  • Make it easy to install extensions.

As Krita does not guarantee API compatibility between major releases, the first priority has been to setup the build status page, so that we ensure that extensions keep building. It does not look good with only one extension that compile, for the simple reason that it is the only one that has been ported to Krita 2 (actually, it was developed for Krita 2), while the other ones were never ported from Krita 1.6.

But the user visible part was missing, so yesterday, as I did not feel like doing C++ work, and wanted to do something distracting, I worked on the ruby script that generates the website, and made a CSS for the website. The website source code is available on gitorious, in case you need to setup a similar website for your project.

So now, all that is left is to add more content, if you are interested in extending Krita, you can contact us on the mailing list or on freenode’s irc in #krita.

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6 Responses to extensions.krita.org goes live !

  1. thorGT says:

    Great! Now is it possible that all the photo-editing features make a return as Krita extensions? Or was this a part of the original plan? I remember reading something like this in one of the Krita blogs (maybe even yours).

  2. Cyrille Berger says:

    Yes that is a plan. On a side note, not much, but broken extensions, have already been removed from Krita. But people who want to have photo-editing features in Krita, are invited to do it as part of krita extensions. And if there is enough demand, we can make a krita-photo-editing package that can be used by distribution.

  3. thorGT says:

    It has just stricken me now – the extensions are C++, so architecture-dependent. That means they should be distributed as packages? So to manage Krita extensions, the user would have to use their distribution package system? Not Firefox or Opera way, you know.

  4. Cyrille Berger says:

    Yes the extension on that website are C++. We have several other ways to extend Krita in a non architecture dependent way. And I am actually planning on having an easy way for users to compile the extensions in case they are not available in their distribution package system.

  5. Cyrille, maybe the openSUSE build service can help you get packages for a variety of distro’s: build.opensuse.org

    Furthermore, Project Bretzn might be interesting too: http://news.opensuse.org/2010/10/26/from-the-developer-to-the-user-and-back-announcing-project-bretzn/

  6. Cyrille Berger says:

    Well my experience with Krita-Plugins is that the OBS works very well for making OpenSuSE package, but very poorly to make packages for other distribution. I guess the main reason is that the main interest of OBS maintainers is OpenSuSE ūüėČ And other distributions have shown little to no interest for helping.

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