KOffice Meeting Spring 2010 – Day 1

Today is the day where we all meet in the same room to discuss the mater that concern all of us.

The topic that kept us busy the most was success and failure, after a while we concluded that no one want to speak of failure, so we concentrated on what we consider is going to be our main criteria of success, the top mains one are lot of users and lot of developers. Our first step to get a lot of users will be to make it possible for a lot of users to use it (surprised ?), the good thing is that is indeed something that is progressing release after release. Then we will need a lot of advertisement and documentation. When it comes to developers, we concluded that the main problem is not to attract new ones, but to retain the one we have, and one of the key challenge is going to make sure we keep a good ratio of paid developers / hobbyist developers. A key feature of KOffice is going to be interoperability, and ODF is the way to go. Some ODF features are border lines and are not considered to be essential, but if someone is willing to write an implementation, it might be accepted by KOffice if it is good enough (code quality, maintainability and UI). Also an other way to achieve interoperability is with the implementation of import filters. Then the question of whether KOffice is a desktop application or also for use on mobile devices was raised, but this is a subject that require research on how to make the actual implementation. Suresh mentioned that Nokia would need a roadmap to help with their planning, which also require a vision, but writing a vision require an usability expert and the roadmap would have taken us an other day.

Then we continued with listing the missing features in KOffice, Suresh presented us their current work on mobile use of KOffice. And we finished by a discussion about our website, sadly Alexandra who did a wonderful job on planning our current website is now too busy to work on it, so for now I am going to take care of technical aspect, while Boudewijn writes content (expect a last week in koffice !).

The full minutes are fully available on koffice’s wiki.

For the dinner we went to the slowest restaurant, half an hour for the first drink and to order, an hour to get the food…

And now we enjoy the fresh evening, while blogging, sipping wine, hacking and discussing.

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3 Responses to KOffice Meeting Spring 2010 – Day 1

  1. Ramsees says:

    It is me or one of your guys in the first pic was using Office 2007?

  2. @Ramsees: That’s probably Suresh who works at Nokia and I’m guessing his work laptop MUST run MS software as is the case with most companies 😀

  3. slangkamp says:

    Jos is right, it’s some internal requirement from Nokia.

    Beside that some KOffice developers also use MS Office to develop the fileformat filters.

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