KOffice Meeting Spring 2010 – Day 0

The KOffice developers are meeting at the LinuxHotel in Essen for the week-end to start planning the future release and discuss various issues. Today is the coming day, Boudewijn was first on site and was there to welcome me, and negotiate in German with the lady to add a plate so that I could get lunch too. The site is quiet gorgeous, a nice landscape, a nice hotel and a tux statue (free beer and coca…).

This raise the question of how productive we will be, as you can see below Boudewijn and Thorsten are already at work reviewing a patch on loading and saving text on shape, and we started informal discussions:

Now almost everybody has arrived, and is enjoying the wifi, in the garden. With more discussion, blogging, bug hunting, and listening to the history of castle told by Boudewijn.

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One Response to KOffice Meeting Spring 2010 – Day 0

  1. Kevin Krammer says:

    LinuxHotel is awesome for sprints.

    We had an Akonadi sprint there in 2009 I think and we made good progress in this nice and quiet environment.

    Unfortunately for us it was already too cold (November) to sit outside, which most likely makes the experience even more pleasing.

    Have fun there!

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