Braindump 0.8.0

A bit overdue, the first release of Braindump is available. It has been a while since I announced the project of making a tool that gather allow to dump your thoughts into an electronic form. For those who have forget (which is probably most of you), Braindump is a collection of whiteboards on which you can put your notes, whether text notes, or drawing. It is entirely based on KOffice technologies. Which made Braindump quick and easy to develop, and it makes it very small, around 8000 lines of code.

I have been delaying that release because I wanted to make a video of Braindump in action, and have been too lazy to make one until now. On that video I first create new whiteboards, then I demonstrate how to add shapes, manipulate them, and finally the different layout:

I you look at Braindump development history, you will notice that over the past six months the development has been really slow, there are a few reasons to that, the first one is that most of the development is done by other people than me in the KOffice repository, the second one is that I feel that Braindump is already doing exactly what I want, with a few glitches, but as a geek I tend to live happily with those…

That said there is a couple of features I want:

  • Search (and replace)
  • Tagging, but then someone else (yeah again) is doing the work for me in KOffice
  • Auto-growing text shape
  • A solution to this problem: (almost) each time I create a new whiteboard, the first thing I do is to add a text shape. So I wonder about either having always a permanent text shape in the background, or always add a text shape when creating a white board.

I am also starting to be curious about ownCloud, since personally I find it to be the right direction of cloud computing, so I would probably be interested in the possibility of storing whiteboards on an ownCloud server. Lets see how it evolves.

If you have other ideas, do not hesitate to mention them, who knows, if I find them interesting, I might go on and implement them !

Download Braindump 0.8.0, this release will work only with KOffice 2.1.x, from now on I will work on porting Braindump to the upcoming KOffice 2.2.

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13 Responses to Braindump 0.8.0

  1. iampiti says:

    Looks very nice and useful. And with the powers of code reuse very simple and lean.
    It’d would be nice to use it with a touchscreen.


  2. amazing. that’s a really userfull app for koffice. the only other that I know of, and that’s worth using is XMind. how does that one compares with xmind?

  3. Tom says:

    So will this be KOffices Onenote?
    I hope so.

  4. jospoortvliet says:

    Xmind is far more powerful and usable, but Braindump is at least twice as cool 😀

    Very nice work on this, keep it up, integration with owncloud sounds like a good plan!

  5. Fri13 says:

    It is nice if KOffice would get a mindmap/quicknote app as well.

    So far I have used Basket what is very great but 1.1 version has be old and 2.0 is lacking if volunteers. It has same ideas as your.

  6. xav_19 says:

    Did you hear about Courier (yes, i know, it’s microsoft) ?
    look at these videos :
    I think braindump and courier aim at the same thing, except that courier is for handheld device, but i guess some of microsoft ideas can be interesting for braindump.

  7. roleic says:

    braindump is a nice idea. But IMHO it is incomplete without some sort of mindmap. At least my (and most other’s) brain contains mainly tree structures also called associated thoughts whose structure is a tree. Without any possibility to document these thoughts in tree structure I cannot quickly dump my mind on a topic.

  8. Bruce says:

    Looks very nice and useful. And with the powers of code reuse very simple and lean.
    It’d would be nice to use it with a touchscreen.


  9. Froggy says:

    I like the looks, the idea and also the treeview in it. If you make this more or less a tool for MindMapping with a real portable db-engine behind it (like SQLlite) then it becomes a freeformat PIM tool not just for MindMapping.

    A tool in which I can combine abstract business and fuzzy things from the mind 😉

  10. Cyrille Berger says:

    Not sure what the “db-engine” would bring to braindump. For now, data is saved as “almost” odf files on the hard drive.

  11. No importa says:


    Braindump seems very promising, even if the interface is way more confusing than Basket’s and let’s. Anyway I just wanted to suggest some ideas Onenote already had 5 years ago. Perhaps BD already has some, I have just played with it a few, but I think they can be inspirational, :)

    Cheers and thanks to all Calligra people for your good work, :)

  12. sb says:

    It’s an interesting proyect, but let met to say that the interface is somewhat confusing, and surprisingly it lacks the ability to save the file. I don’t understand why is released with the stable release of KOffice, if I am missing something, please let me to know
    Thanks in advance

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