Krita’s Hackfest, meeting with the Blender guys

During this week, Boudewijn is hosting Sven, Lukas and me for a Krita hackfest, dedicated to bug fixing, performance, UI improvement. Among the major improvements brought by that week are improvement in the memory consumption, thanks to a collaboration between Dmitry and me, where I did some tracking and experimentation, and he found the actual problem. This fixed has allowed us to go from 2 minutes of drawing to exhaust my 2GB of memory, to make it possible to paint for more than 30 minutes, there are still some issues that need to be found and fixed. In the area of performance, Lukas have improve the performance of the flood fill by 60%, and I have reduced the time needed for some gradients by six (the other types did not seem to have the problem), unfortunately those improvements are not really visible, for some reason Krita currently spend a lot of time recompositing the image. While Boudewijn and Sven have been working on a scratchpad, as a new way to test new brushes settings, and working on a widget to input value that should be simpler when used with tablets, after Boudewijn’s call for help someone else has offered to help us with that.

Yesterday we went to Amsterdam to meet the Blender‘s guys. Since most of us has never been to Amsterdam before, Boudewijn took us for a long walk in Amsterdam’s street (or should I say canal), which started in the overcrowded area around the central station, that we left as soon as possible to walk in more quieter area:

Then at the end of the walk we arrived at the Blender institute:

Where Ton took us on a visit of the Studio, and then we assisted to their weekly update, where all the members of team show what they have been working on, their difficulties and how to solve them. After the meeting, we went to a restaurant, as an opportunity to know each other, and to learn more on how their work, and in hope that one day Krita can be useful for them.

Tomorrow, I will go back home in Göteborg.

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2 Responses to Krita’s Hackfest, meeting with the Blender guys

  1. Do you live in Göteborg?
    We should meet up some day and talk about digital painting!

  2. Cyrille Berger says:

    Yes for the next few months I am living in Göteborg, so it will be a pleasure to meet and talk digital painting !

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