Krita Meeting 2010 – Day 2

Yesterday was the second day of the krita meeting 2010. It was oriented toward technical discussions, and UI design discussions.

In the technical area, I and Dmitry had a long talk on how to improve the filter API, to make it both easier to write effect filters, retain performance and ensure that it is less buggy with respect to selections and masks. In meantime Lukas was teaching Vera how to implement new painting operation, so that she can work on a water color brush engine.

When it came to the UI, we talked about what to do with painting op presets preview, and it was decided that it would be more useful for the user to have a scratchpad where he can make his own testing of the current settings, rather than having a computer generated preview. Boudewijn is now working on implementing exactly that. We also discussed painting presets management, it is going to be very basic for 2.2, with just a list name and a preview (either computer generated or made with the scratchpad). And later we would like to have tags, search by tags.

And between two discussions, we were working on bug fixes, polishing features, etc… All the small details to make Krita an even better application. And now is the hack week, with Boudewijn, Lukas, Sven and me.

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