KOffice 2.2 Release Schedule

One of the outcome of the meeting in Oslo was to take the final decision on the KOffice 2.2 release schedule. Following the current trend of a six months release schedule, therefor the 2.2 RC1 is planned for April, 27th 2010.

We have also decided to experiment with a shorter release schedule for 2.3, which is likely to happen four months after 2.2. This will be made possible with the use of Git, and if we manage to keep the release branch in a releasable state at all time, meaning no tests failures, and that features are only merged when finished.

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2 Responses to KOffice 2.2 Release Schedule

  1. dont like says:


    my 2 cents for the “trunk is always stable” trend, i dont like it because, what you get is, development gets away from the community, and i made in private git trees. this is good for stability, but not good community wise..

    okay, i think its good when trunk is stable, but i also want to help with the bleeding edge…

    please find a good time, when you sync features – and dont sync them only when they are finished …

  2. I share your concern. What we will do (and apparently Qt does to) is to have an unstable branch where features are merged regulary for early testing. And once the feature got sufficient testing in that unstable branch it is move to the stable branch.

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