Inserting shapes/images in KOffice

A while ago, in a praise of karbon 2.0 I wrote, someone commented on the “lack” of tools in karbon, as opposed to inkscape. And from forum posts, or, it seems to cause some confusions. For instance, there is no rectangle or circle tool in karbon. And there will never be. The reason is that for KOffice 2, the tools are meant for user interraction, and for manipulating object in the canvas. Inserting shapes is done through the “Add shape” docker, which allow to manager your collection of customs shapes, as well as standard shapes, you can then just drag and drop the shape, or select a shape and then by clicking and dragging on the canvas you can select the size of the shape like with a tool. Once the shape is on the canvas you can go to the toolbox and start having fun with your shape.

video of karbon adding shapes

And of course, since the technology is shared, you add shapes to other KOffice application in the same way. To add a text in Krita ? Go to the add shape docker, drag and drop, and enjoy ! To add an image to your presentation in KPresenter ? Go to the add shape docker, drag and drop, and enjoy ! To add a smiley to KWord… you get it !

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