Aquarium, begining of planning

I have always liked colored fishes, like clown fish, way before Disney’s movie. And a certain fascination for seahorses, probably because they look so unlike other water animals. During a visit to Göteborg’s aquarium with Hanna, I remembered: “I want one”. What has been holding me back, so far, is that it is a lot of work, and once you started it, it’s a responsibility, you have to take care of it, also in the past few years, I have had to work for about a quarter of time in Paris, the rest of the time I was working in Toulouse, but with holidays and week-ends, that mean I was almost half of the time out of town. But now that my thesis is nearing the end, and that I am going to move somewhere more permanent, or at least with a full time job on a single location, then maybe, it’s time to give it some serious thinking.

Clown fish

Some initial browsing on internet have shown me that, after the initial setup, it isn’t so much a time consuming task, mostly dedication, feeding everyday, and changing part of the water every week. And watching. And getting pleasure from a beautiful aquarium.

Since what dragged me into this are clown fishes, I will want a salt water aquarium. Since it’s a display of nature, it’s important the aquarium is friendly to the inhabitant, and friendly to the environment. Which is going to be a difficult task for a salt water aquarium.

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