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Inserting shapes/images in KOffice

A while ago, in a praise of karbon 2.0 I wrote, someone commented on the “lack” of tools in karbon, as opposed to inkscape. And from forum posts, or, it seems to cause some confusions. For instance, there is … Continue reading

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Moiré, when Open Source can be usefull to work

Sometime I get asked whether what I do in open source is useful for my work. Except for the thing like kalculus that were explicitly written for my work needs, usually the time invested does not pay at all, despite … Continue reading

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Aquarium, begining of planning

I have always liked colored fishes, like clown fish, way before Disney’s movie. And a certain fascination for seahorses, probably because they look so unlike other water animals. During a visit to Göteborg’s aquarium with Hanna, I remembered: “I want … Continue reading

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La légitimité de Jean Sarkozy (ou d’un autre)

Beaucoup de voix se sont élevées pour défendre la légitimité de Jean Sarkozy pour diriger l’EPAD au prétexte qu’il ai été élu. On peut prétendre, comme certains, qu’une chèvre UMP pourrait remporter élection à Neully, mais cela est tout autant … Continue reading

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