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One of the new feature for Krita 2.0 is a much better way of dealing with masks, we have transparency masks in 1.6 but they are difficult to use and a little bit hidden, in 2.0 we still have transparency masks, integrated in the layer box, but we have a whole different sets of other types of masks, such as “filter mask”. Filter mask are basically a filter that is apply to a layer without altering the content of that layer. But since an image is worth a thousand word, an 1800 frames video is worth…. a lot:

As you can imagine, drawing with an invert filter makes things a little bit funky to select the correct color… And as you can see, it’s possible to change the parameters of the filters and to remove them and still keep the original pictures, because after all my drawing of a smiling face is better without any effect ! (one might argue that with an invert filter you just have to apply the invert filter again to get your original pixels… but go try to get your originial image after a blur effect !)

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6 Responses to Filter mask

  1. Diederik says:

    Wow, this kind of things makes Krita usable for professional work! :-)

  2. miggols99 says:

    Hey, that’s a pretty cool feature. Isn’t there something like this in Photoshop? This must mean we’re getting closer to becoming as good as/better than Photoshop 😀

  3. Cyrille Berger says:

    Actually, in 1.6 we allready had adjustement layers like in photoshop. The main difference is that now you can (easily) set them on a single layer (plus the whole implementation is a lot cleaner, but that’s something hidden to the user 😉 ).

  4. Timo says:

    I’ve alway wondered why image editors don’t support RGB transparency… there’s naturally the limitation of output formats, but it would be rather useful in the editing phase. Krita handles almost everything I need for 3d image compositing in an exemplary way, but I’m still missing RGB transparency and a DOF plugin.It’s a small gripe though and you’ve done a great job so far :)

  5. Cyrille Berger says:

    What do you mean by “RGB Transparency” ? Because as far as I know, photoshop, the gimp and krita (1.6 and 2.0) have support for both alpha channel (transparency in the data) and transparent mask (extra channel).About the DOF, I don’t know what you need, so what would be nice is a wish on describing what you need with a few web links, I won’t make a promise that it will be implemented anytime soon, but it increase chances to inspire someone 😉

  6. Timo says:

    I mean RGB transparency in the sense of a separate opacity for each color channel. seems to have a rather good explanation. If this is indeed implemented, I’ve managed to miss it completely =)For DOF, Gimp has a rather good plugin at, I’ll add a request/wish for it once I get home.

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