KOffice Release Sprint Day 2

Yesterday evening, we tried to go to a restaurant, but unfortunately google maps indicates the restaurant in the opposite direction from the KDAB Office, I must say this is not the first time something like this has happen to me (that’s one of the reasons I refuse to use it, and rely on more ancient technologies, wether it is real physical maps, or website that have work on the subject for a longer time, and which are probably not as focused on hypeness and coolness as google). But finally, thanks to Patrick’s hability to read maps (I guess it’s useful to have a marble developers with you), we were able to reach it, which allowed Sebas to try to feed Alexandra:

Today is the last day of the KOffice meeting.

We started with a presentation from Alexandra on the social web KOffice awareness (TM). If you know me a little bit, you might know that I have a strong dislike about the so called “Social Web 3.0″, so, at first, I was rather skeptical. But I must say that was she presented was actually interesting, in a few words, it’s an aggregation of the activity arround KOffice (blogs, commits, screenshots, news entry, new tutorials…) on one website, so one would just have to use this web site and see what is happening on the KOffice world. This is cool.

Then Thomas made a presentation on automatic (unit) testing, and what to do to write usefull and meaningfull (unit) tests. Which is an important things if you want to limit regression, like we currently are still facing in the koffice release.

Currently, we are having small group discussion, hacking and bug hunting. And, soon, I am going to leave for the airport.

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