KOffice Release Sprint Day 1

So today was the main day of KDE Events. It started with Sebas explaining us the new marketing vision of KDE, where KDE is presented as the KDE Project developing applications, which includes, among other things, a Desktop and an Office Suite (called KOffice…). Then our four marketing gurou went into an isolated rooms to prepare the magic recipes for the message of the next release.

Since Ellen from the usability group was here, and since we had a lot of things to discuss about user interraction, we spend most of the day going applications after applications, with a strong focus on our dockers, and our tools. We found a lot of small issues, we did find a few solutions that are going to be implemented, mostly dockers reorganisation.

Thomas trying to crash KWord. But obviously he is not good at that !

All in all I found it was positive, sure there are many annoying issues, but it seems we are on the right track for user interaction. Which means that 2.0, far to be perfect on an user perspective, will show the road to what we want to achieve.

Then around the end of the day, our marketing heroes came to present us what they have discussed on how to present 2.0. Which end up in a discution on when we are going to be able to release, it appears clearly that there won’t be a 2.0 release in 2008. But it will happen shortly after.

KOffice applications can hypnothise people.

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5 Responses to KOffice Release Sprint Day 1

  1. diver_with_knife says:

    At last someone have told that that there will be no 2.0 release in 2008.KOffice is indeed very immature, but personally me, as a business user, wait impatiently for its release.In fact, what about Beta3 which meant to be released today? Is old shcedule scrapped completely?I think it would be great to provide nightly builds for Kubuntu Community – it would provide a vast feedback.

  2. Cyrille Berger says:

    Beta 3 was shift for various reason, the most important one was that tagging was supposed to happen a few days after a bugday which already brought us a lot of things to fixes. And after that, we will mostly keep the three-weeks-between-betas-release-cycle.As far as kubuntu nightly builds are concerned, the ubuntu community decided to come up with its own (proprietary) build package system, instead of joining the openbuild service which was basically already supporting .deb packages, since I don’t have the time nor the will (especially if you consider how unusuable launchpad is when bugs are concerned) to learn a totally different system, I won’t work on nightly build for kubuntu. That said, if someone wants to do it, he has my full support.

  3. Cyrille Berger says:

    I forgot to mention it, but I don’t think 2.0 will be usuable for business use, you should see it as a Technical Preview of what can be done with the platform.

  4. diver_with_knife says:

    Well, that depends on what you define as “business use” :) There is surely a whole bunch of users whose work does not require state-of-the-art MS OFFICE 2007 features, but at the same time they need something more than a notepad.

  5. diver_with_knife says:

    BTW, I think from the perspective of biz user it would be great to have in KOffice an integrated mind-mapping application. There is a guy on kdedevelopers.org who is writing a QT mindmapping application called FLO:http://kdedevelopers.org/node/3727I think, it would be a great thing to have an application like that in KOffice. It seems logical as well for you to unite your efforts.As for Kubuntu community… Well, I will have to install SUSe somewhere, since KOffice is quite an interesting project.

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