Getting something instead of a supernova

What I love when playing with computer graphics is when you try to achieve some effect, and you get something else entirely different, something that you would never have managed to achieve if you had tried to get it. I was trying to create a SuperNova generator using OpenShiva, and of course I managed to get all sort of ray shooting effects, nothing very surprising, except that I also got this:

I don’t know what it is but I still find it cool. You can get the shiva code Something.shiva.

For the record, I finally managed to get a super nova effect:

You can get the shiva code SuperNova.shiva.

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2 Responses to Getting something instead of a supernova

  1. Henry says:

    So what kind of math were you using to create the supernova? If it meshes with astrophysical calculations, MIT might be interested!

  2. silentcoder says:

    That thing looks like a 3-leave clover, with a supernova embossed over it.I vote we name it a superclover !

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