Kross/KDEBindings Meeting in Berlin : Day 3

It is now the last day of the meeting. Somehow, Aleix managed to convince Thomas and me to try KDevelop4, I must say I am impressed by the new version, I have been a KDevelop3 user for years, but mostly because it’s the less worse solution out there for C++, but now it seems that I might use KDevelop4, also because I want to use it ! The coolest new feature (apart the C++ completion-that-just-work) is the possibility to define a list of target to recompile, which is really nice since I often work on two or three libraries/plugins and I only want to recompile those three, so now I just have to make a list with those targets, and press compile, and voila !

Today, I spend again some time on the Krita Kross plugins, and now it’s possible to create canvas decoration with a script.

In the following screenshots the vanishing points are created by a ruby script:

Here is the code to achieve that:

def drawDecoration( gc, documentOffset, area, converter)
x_c = 800
y_c = 600
painter = Qt::Internal.kross2smoke( gc, Qt::Painter )
painter.setPen(, 1, Qt::SolidLine ) )
painter.drawLine(0, y_c, 1000, y_c)
painter.drawLine(0, 0, x_c, y_c)
painter.drawLine(0, 1000, x_c, y_c)
painter.drawLine(1000, 0, x_c, y_c)
painter.drawLine(1000, 1000, x_c, y_c)

It’s far from being perfect, especially the “painter = Qt::Internal.kross2smoke( gc, Qt::Painter )” line, and also the “converter” is useless, since you can’t access its function. And I won’t have the time to fix those points before Krita 2.1. But this has allowed me to test quiet a few features of Kross and QtRuby working together.

During that time, Thomas is fighting with making the PHP bindings links and loading on Linux, Arno, Richard and Sebastian are fighting with plasma to get ruby and C# plasmoids working.

On other news, today, we discussed about documentation and tutorials (as numerodix mentioned it on my blog entry of yesterday, it’s a big issue to attract new users). The solution is of course to use techbase, there is already a section called Rapid Application Development with some examples and starting point on the subject, or a section on supported languages, it now needs content and probably a little organization.

For tonight, Ellen Reitmayr offered to organize a barbecue, unfortunately, the weather is rainy on Berlin, and we had to cancel that, so instead we are going to code and most likely eat pizza like real geeks.

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