Weab 0.2 and Kalculus 0.7

I should do more release of both of those applications, but I mostly develop them for my personnal use, but I guess since they can be of use for someone else, why not publish the code. The two of them are developed using the QtRuby binding.


It’s the application I use to manage my websites (cberger.net, Krita-Plugins, the OpenGTL family). I originally started Weab to have something simple to manage my website (add some pictures, some texts et voila), but since my website is low priority, so is Weab (and it seems that Firefox doesn’t like my CSS which makes my website a poor example of what the application can do :/), so I guess it will never turn in a real widely useful application, unless it interest someone else to work on it ?

Previous release was like over a year now, and the three main changes are:

  • A Journal section, for writing news entry or blog entry
  • The possibility to insert images inside the text
  • There are also a lot of small bug fixing and adjustment in the gallery module.

If you are interested, you can download version 0.2 here.


It’s a front-end to Octave, Yacas and Ruby/GSL, and all kind of command line like calcul application. I also use it to control the algorithm I make for my PHD. In the previous released, I was using bindings to control Octave and Yacas, but that was annoying, since one of the main advantage of ruby application is easy deployment without the need to compile something (and anyway the octave binding was breaking for every released), so the main new thing, in the 0.7 release, is that the Octave and Yacas back-end call directly the interpreter. I have also added some other features that are mostly useful for the back-end used for my PHD.

If you are interested, you can download version 0.7 here.

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