Last week in KOffice

This week has seen the start of the google summer of code projects, among them I have noticed activity around the import filters for .doc files and for importing .kpr (the old kpresenter file format) or web forms for Kexi. And also work on the calligraphie tool for karbon:

You might also have noticed Torsten Rahn blog entry on a marble shape for KOffice, this is the first exemple of a shape developed outside KOffice which show the road for a future full of extensions, this also demonstrates how well KDE technologies can play together. And speaking of playing, KPresenter got support for playing sounds through phonon.

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5 Responses to Last week in KOffice

  1. DanaKil says:

    thanks for the weekly reports Cyrille, greatly appreciated

  2. Shriramana says:

    To me the calligraphy in the screenshot seems like a line-art sort-of depiction of Ganesha (

  3. liquidat says:

    I do have one question about the flake possibilities:What is with the ODF support? What happens when a flake with something totally alien is added – doesn’t that violate the ODF specifications?How do you deal with such cases?

  4. Cyrille Berger says:

    When a shape isn’t defined in the ODF standard, then it is saved twice, a first time in a “format” that is available in ODF (vector or bitmap image) and a second time with a format that allow editing the shape in KOffice. That way, if the plugins is not available, or if you open with a different Office Suite, you won’t be able to edit the shape, but you will still see the result.

  5. liquidat says:

    cyrille, thanks for the answer :)

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