Last week in KOffice…

I am going to try to held a (more or less, rather less than more) weekly short blog entry about what’s going on in koffice development.

So last week (and in fact it cover for more since I already have missed one week since deciding to write this…) :

  • website: koffice website has always been suboptimal, to say the least, being maintained by developers who lack the skill and the time, it has never been able to properly market the suite. This was a recurrent topic of discussion among us, and it looks like we have found someone willing to take the lead on the subject, so expect more in the following weeks.
  • kword: while a lot of work has been done recently on the text shape (which is share through all koffice), until recently, kword itself had seen little changes, but Sebastian and Pierre have pick up the challenge of bring kword to a releasable state
  • windows package: the other nice things is the availability of KOffice packages in the KDE Windows installer (on a side note, KOffice packages have been available for Mac OSX for quiet some time, even if they are a little bit outdated)
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