Libre Graphics Meeting 2008 : Day 3

For the third day of Libre Graphics Meeting 2008, there were two presentations from people coming from KDE: Emanuele about colors, and Gilles about Digikam.

This picture was taken near the conference center, when we tried to go to a Japanese garden.

That day started by a presentation about the distribution fonts along with HTML page, which triggered a discussion about fonts licensing, and license in general, where some people became very aggressive over the subject, that’s why I think license and politics really needs to be moved out of free software, people are nice unless licenses are discussed. Then Peter Sikking discussed how to change the Gimp UI to improve its usability, there are some nice ideas on how to minimize the space lost by dockers, toolbars and toolboxes. Then Andy Fitzsimon made a demonstration of the new stuff in Inkscape like path effect where you can apply a shape to a path.

Then the afternoon started by a talk by Emanuele about the mathematics behind the new colors mixer in Krita (where “blue” + “yellow” gives “green” and not “purple”), while I have followed what he has been doing since I more or less maintain PigmentCMS (the Color Manipulation System in KOffice), it was quite nice to see the reason behind his design decision, and how the whole things work. Then it was the turn of Gilles presentation on Digikam, the two new features he presented that I found most interressing was the light table to be able to compare side by side two pictures in order to compare them, and I also found interesting the integration of geolocalisation.

Then Liam Quin from W3C made a talk to start a proposal about copy/paste of text between Free Software applications, and exchange formating information. Then there was a presentation about node editing using Blender to do photographic retouch. I had to miss the talk about InGimp because my head was starting to explode, it’s infortunate since it’s an interesting project about collecting information on how an user work with the Gimp.

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  1. Kevin Kofler says:

    It is not possible to move licensing out of Free Software, because Free Software is <>defined<> by the fact that it has a Free license! Something with a non-Free license is not Free Software.

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