Libre Graphics Meeting 2008 : Day 2

Yesterday was the second day of the meeting, Emanuele has finally arrived and made his final preparation for its talk which is going to happen later today. I aslo finally met Gilles Caullier of Digikam.

We all meet in that nice building of the Technological University of Wroclaw:

Yesterday starded with a talk from Boudewijn about the reason that drive him to work on Krita, so it was mostly an overview of what has been happening in the Academic and Commercial world around digital simulation of painting. Then Pablo did a demo of what you can do with Hugin, panorama and also image calibration to feed the lensfun database, which is cool project whose intention is to allow to easily find the distortion correction parameters for lenses, instead of spending time playing with the parameters.

In the afternoon, we had an interesting talk on how “coders” and “designers” interact, and the problem and solution you can use to make both worlds work together. Then there was a demo of Scribus. And the day finished with an OpenICC meeting to discuss what has been done, what needs to be done, and what we are currently doing at OpenICC, to bring more color management on the linux desktop.

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