Libre Graphics Meeting 2008 : Day 1

I arrived in Poland two days ago for the Libre Graphics Meeting 2008. It’s an interesting conference where developers and users of graphics applications open source application meet and discuss.

The afternoon before the start of the conference, I had some time to do a little tour of the city:

The first talk on the first day was about Hugin, the panorama creation tool. Then there was one about Phatch, it’s a batch processing tools which is very similar to Workflow, except that Phatch is dedicated to image manipulation, and was released.

Then the afternoon started by a talk by some Bruxelles designers who use open source software to do their job. Then there was a presentation about Font and Free Software: the tool to create fonts and how the best way to propagate your work.

Then there was the yearly gegl presentation which was much more technical than previous years, and concentrating on some internal of gegl, it’s quiet interesting to see how different and similar are the core of Krita and gegl (the future core of the Gimp). Then I went to a presentation on the upcoming SVG 1.2, and new cool features like movies as background of a text.

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