Human body decorator

In Krita we want almost everything to be plug-ins and extensible. And since yesterday, it’s now possible to add new type of canvas decorators (grids or guides are decorators, for instance). The main reason I did that (besides having some code of Krita becomes cleaner) is because I wanted to have a “human body” decorator. Usually, when I draw (or more like attempt to) a human, I start with a wire frame representation of the body pose, then add rectangle that indicates the muscles, then I start to draw what will differentiate the human from an other human. As both the wire frame representation, and rectangle representation looks very similar from a drawing to an other (except for the pose), I considered that having a canvas decorator for this would be a cool idea and a time saver idea.

I hope it’s a little more by kids-safe and that it is obvious that is a girl 😉 (if you think not, close your eyes).

Currently, it’s only a not very practical wire frame body, without constraints.

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2 Responses to Human body decorator

  1. Marc Carson says:

    Very nicely done – it appears that the user has control over the articulation of the joints – or do they?

  2. Tobias says:

    Go Cyrille go!Linux needs a good painting app, something even better then Painter.

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