Crash-free painting in Krita 2.0 !

It’s quiet a nice achievement to be able to use for an hour without a crash (and I stopped it because I got tired) a development version, that got many many changes in its internal libraries. Yesterday, Boudewijn commited a change that make it possible to draw without getting a crash after a few strokes. And today I decided to celebrate this by using krita2 for a little drawing.

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3 Responses to Crash-free painting in Krita 2.0 !

  1. Ariya Hidayat says:

    Can’t you draw something more kids-friendly?

  2. Dread Knight says:

    Horay!This will probably make my fever go away! xD

  3. DanaKil says:

    Thank you for your work Cyrille. Hope to really use Krita in a near future :)Ariya : this gun actually throws teddy bears and flowers I think (and your comment could be a little bit more supportive)

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