OpenGTL and QtCTL 0.9.1

A new release of OpenGTL (or more like the first, as the previous release only contains OpenCTL), my Graphics Transformation Languages library, is available. This release contains a much improved CTL (Color Transformation Language) interpreter (if we can call this, as it is in fact a JIT thanks to the use of the llvm).

The main new features of this release is the possibility to manipulate a buffer of pixel. And to demonstrate the use I made a small application example. I would have loved to make a screencast (things are more lively that way, but I must second Aaron’s feeling xvidcap hangs on debian, and I couldn’t find out to make recordmydesktop records only a small part of a screen, and just the thought of post-editing scares me, yeah I am easily scared, but if you blink fast and can synchronize your blinking with the scrolling, you can see a short animation below !).

There is nothing extraordinary in those screen shots, except that you can dynamically change how the pixels of the image are transformed, and it’s fast.

Nothing to see in the first screen shot, except the original image which is a picture of the Cathedral of Amiens (according to the guide, the biggest, the greatest, the fastest build of all Cathedral… from France):

The first CTL program remove the green channel:

This one invert the color of the previous image:

This one invert the color of the original picture:

And this one swap channels:

You can download it from here OpenGTL.

And now, what remains is fixing the bugs, finishing the CTL Standard Library, fixing the bugs, write a real world usuage, fixing the bugs (didn’t I already said it ?).

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  1. union says:

    Hey great work, I recently upgraded to KDE 4 so I can finally try this out.

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