First panorama in Krita

Getting closer to a release are exiting times, all pieces start to fall together in place. Now is time to time to start finishing the features I have been working on.

I can’t remember when I started working on the panorama plug-in, probably something like a year and half ago. But I barely spend any time on it, except one out of every few months. And this week-end was one of those few time.

Last time I had worked on the panorama plug-in, I had left the code working, but in a pretty bad shape, and nearly all lines of code were assuming that there was only two images in the panorama. So I spend some times adjusting each lines to allow more images, which was very tedious, because one mistake in one line and the process completely fails.

So here is the first full panorama in Krita:

There is still a lot of work to do to reach the use case I have set for Krita’s Panorama Plug-In. But that’s a stimulating result !

And if you are interested in the mathematic behind image stitching, I highly suggest you to read the very good tutorial from Richard Szeliski: Image alignment and stitching (you can find it here : Richard Szeliski’s Publications ).

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4 Responses to First panorama in Krita

  1. Niko Sams says:

    cool!this is a really great feature!

  2. sAra says:

    Cyrille, I ahve to sat that it looks cool so far. I am really gald with the work you guys are doing this added to the hdr painting, creation and tonemaping open up krita to a whole new set of users. Thanks for all the hard work.

  3. Sébastien says:

    Merci Cyrille 😀Thanks a lot for all your work. This is just to let you know ( I think you allready notice it) that :– there is a line of “pixel strangers” between each image.– have a look to the top of the 2 merging, you’ll see mis-matching. Any-way this is not a released plugin but a work in progress so good work 😀(sorry for my realy bad english : I’m french …)

  4. prokoudine says:

    Why not just reusing nona stitching engine from hugin? 😉

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