My most expected KDE4.0 feature…

… is a stable development environment.

Tonight I wanted to make a video of a new features of Krita in action, one I had just finished on my desktop. Problem is that my desktop is running OpenSuSE, and xvidcap doesn’t work on it, it just hang. So I have to use my laptop + kubuntu for that kind of stuff. Problems is that after updating it Krita, it comes out that I had to update everything up to kdelibs, and hour and half later, I am still just watching stuff getting build. That’s why, my main wishes for KDE4.0 is that I can, at last, go back to development workflow of 1.x, and have only to update and build KOffice !

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3 Responses to My most expected KDE4.0 feature…

  1. Let_Me_Be says:

    Try recordmydesktop, it is definitely more usable then xvidcap.

  2. liquidat says:

    You might want to give < HREF="" REL="nofollow">recordMyDesktop<> a try: it is also a screen recorder but also comes with a qt interface and sometimes works where xvidcap fails.I’m sure that this does not solve the initial issue of xvidcap or the update problem of your Kubuntu installation. But it might be a good workaround :)

  3. Francis says:

    xvidcap works perfectly for me on openSUSE (I made this video with it: )…but recordmydesktop is also very good and works well. 1-Click-Install if you’re on 10.3:

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