Drawing and Expansion, a new usefull filter when coloring

Troy asked us in a general questionnaire about Krita if we had any good image made with Krita, which reminds me that I haven’t taken the time to do any real playing with Krita since so long that I can’t remember when. So, instead of doing more usefull work (like a summary for an article, cleaning my apartment, and walking outside in the sun). I took one of the last comic I bought (Orbital for the french among you, very good stuff, the background of the universe is a little bit cliché, but the story is quiet good) with really gorgeous drawing. In other word, really good stuff if I want a decent end result.

The first part is to draw the draft, for that one I did proceed in three steps, first with the line tool, I did draw the general shape of the space ship. Then using a second layer, and the free hand tool, I draw the main lines, then for the last draft, I put the position of the details.

Then the outlines is very close to the last draft, but with much more nicer lines, and with some reworked details.

Then comes the coloring and new filter for Krita.

When coloring an image, I usually change the color of the background to a color that I know I won’t use, it’s very handy to quicly see where you haven’t colorize, even if in this case the red background hurts the eyes.

To colorize this image I made an extensive use of the fill tool, the problem is that as you can see on the left image, there is a void between the outline and the color. It’s very annoying to fill by hand, you can spend a lot of time. So the solution would be to have the color expand on the transparent part of the image, it’s very similar to dilate, but instead of having lightness replacing darkness, it’s opaque replacing transparency. That’s why the filter is called “Expansion” and not “Dilate”, to avoid confusion. You can see the end result on the right image, only small retouch are needed to finalize the coloring.

One of the main characteristic of the image I used as source of inspiration was the use of small lines (I call them claws) to give the feeling of depth, I made a poor attempt to mimic them on a last layer.

The background was done by filling with a near black color and the stars are done by clicking randomly on the layer (now that I think of it, it would be a nice candidate for a script).

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3 Responses to Drawing and Expansion, a new usefull filter when coloring

  1. DanaKil says:

    very nice drawing Cyrille :)

  2. Gopala Krishna says:

    Very nice work! I had never seen a drawing being done in computer in steps. Also by no way i knew power of krita .Thank you :)

  3. . says:

    Hi, very nice work,I like Krita very much and It´s great for my drawings!I´ve made a full drawing last month using it with my genius wizardpen:http://s104.photobucket.com/albums/m171/alphonse_isaac/?action=view&current=gimp-tan2.pnghttp://www.deviantart.com/deviation/52918365/And a friend drawing coloured by me on krita:http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/52268630/Krita rocks!

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