KOffice 1.6.1

The first bug fix release of KOffice 1.6 is out. With a lot of bug fixes in all the applications, and mostly kexi and krita which were the most actively developed in the 1.6 cycle. This version also include a few new features like a color level filter for krita, or a new combo box for database relation ships and parameter queries in kexi.

But what a difficult release it has been to do.

My experience at releasing software for a wide public started in May last year with krita-plugins, and I think I have screwed all of them. I did create the tarball by hand and attempt to clean them of all what I thought was unnecessary. It turns out that the package was around ten times too big. So someone suggest me to use some “scripts” that would help me. Well my experience with the scripts for releasing KDE software has been a hard reminder of “never trust blackbox”, the problem is they are written in “shell script”, and I have always believed that shell scripts of more than ten lines are written in the wrong languages, so I did give up on understanding them.
But I sill did use them.
For 1.6 Alpha, Beta 1 and RC1, I thought everything had work fine, so I was happy. Wrong. The build system was initialized in none of them. Which makes me wonder, how many people do test pre-release software ?
For 1.6.0 I found where was the problem, I was using (like my predecessors) the script of KDE/trunk, until 1.6, it was perfectly fine, but at the same time, the KDE4 team decided to start releasing developer version of KDE4, and did adapt the scripts mostly changing the initialization of the build system.
So for 1.6.1, I decided to be clever, and use the scripts from the 3.5.5 branch. What a mistake. Those scripts were too old for KOffice ! And I end up with an unwanted translation file and with kplato gone from the source tarball. A little bit unrelated to script problems, but that did explain why the delay of 1.6.1 was so big, when we were ready to write the announcement and make the release, someone found a security issue in the powerpoint filter.

Hopefully, I think I have found a version of those scripts that should work fine for the last release of the 1.6 cycle. I say “Rendez-vous in a month and an half” !

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