KOffice 1.6 Final !

The version 1.6 of KOffice has been released today. With a lot of new stuff to check, including:

  • in krita: perspective framework, layer mask, magnetic selection, a lot of new filters
  • in kexi: a lot of improvement in the UI, a new data type : Images.
  • in kormula: the best support of OpenDocumentFormula/MathML

And many more, as you can see in the official announcement.

I have made a KOffice Live CD if you want to test this new version.

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2 Responses to KOffice 1.6 Final !

  1. Henry Malthus says:

    That picture(ad?) is excellent! Looks fantastic and professional.IMHO, it should have been included on the announcement page, maybe next time?

  2. Cyrille Berger says:

    Thanks :) It’s at least, on the first page of the koffice’s website (http://www.koffice.org/).

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