Perspective transform

It seems that most of my work lately on krita has been put into perspective stuff, remember the perspective grid and the perspective duplicate tool. And today, I have finish fixing the interaction with the perspective tool.

When I first wrote it at the beginning of August, I simply imitated the tool from some other graphical application. But the more I though about it, the more I felt something was wrong with it. And I remembered the main use case of that tool, you have a wall, or a stained glass window, or any other kind of plan, which is distorted, and you want it to appears like a rectangle. That’s why, now when you select the tool, it offers you to create a parallelogram that you want to correct to a rectangle, as shown on the video bellow:

original imageoriginal video of the deformationvideo final image final

For those who wondered, and have noticed that on each video I have some times an hard time to select the handles, it’s not a krita misbehavior, it only happens when xvidcap is eating all the cpu to create the video 😉

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