Technical preview of KOffice 1.6

While most of our developers are focusing on the upcoming 2.0 version of KOffice, working hard to resolve all the issues that currently prevent the wide spread use of their KOffice applications. Some of us believed that their was still a lot of things that could be done with the 1.x series and KDE3. That why we decided to have development happening in two branches. And today, two months before its final release, the KOffice team is happy to release a technical preview of KOffice 1.6.

So this release includes mostly new features in kexi, krita, kformula, kchart and kspread. KFormula, thanks to google summer of code, get supports of OpenDocument and MathML, and KSpread thanks to Isaac Clerencia include supports for kross (our scripting framework).

This is far to be a final release, and therefore it’s highly recommended to not use it in a production environment, but we hope to get as much user input as possible while it’s still possible to make design changes.

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