The Kross scripting bridge

While we have been trying to advertise kross, we have been from being successfull so far. But I think we are making some progress lately, so I will speak once again about kross.

What is it ?

The Kross scripting bridge to embed scripting functionality into an application.
abstract API to access the scripting functionality. Here are some of it’s key feature:

  • kross is independent of the interpreter, it currently supports python and ruby, but kjs/kjsembedded is planned and maybe java too
  • Qt/KDE based, so use the extended techs both spends. It’s a very important poin, kross is not dependent on libkoffice, from discution I had on irc, it seems that among the few people aware of it, they believe that it can only be used in a koffice application.
  • integrate nicely and easily as powerfull scripting system into any kpart application (it’s less easily and nicely if your apps is not kpart based)

How to use it ?

It’s easier, if you are appplication is kpart based, as in this case, you can use the kpart plugin mechanism and follow the tutorial here. The hardest part is to define the API you want to expose to your users, but it is common to all scripting engines.

Where to find more information about it ?

It’s funny that while we fail to make the KDE and KOffice developers community to be aware of what kross is, its fame has spread outside the boundaries of KDE, with a post in python’s mailing list.

But the current best source of information is

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2 Responses to The Kross scripting bridge

  1. vladc6 says:

    Why don’t you put all the information about Kross somewhere on the KOffice website ( — that’s the most logical plate for potential developers to look.Also, to show off Kross’ power, it would be nice to have a <>user<> tutorial. For example, show how someone who knows only Python can write macros for KOffice applications to automate repetitive tasks and make their life easier. Something like “ Macros Explained” (, only for KOffice.Finally, I’d like to point out that the last link to is broken on your blog.

  2. Cyrille Berger says:

    Well this blog entry was about advertising kross to developers of other kde applications not to user. And also, some details about kross are allready available on < HREF="" REL="nofollow">kexi’s site<>.As for tutorial, yes it’s a nice idea, on the other hand, only krita and kexi use kross currently, kspread will have support for it in 1.6. And both, krita and kexi includes example of scripts, and at least krita have the complete API described in it’s handbook.And thanks for the broken link, it’s fix now.

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