First steps with a tablet

It has been long time that I have wanted to buy a wacom tablet, and this week I did baught one and I received it

Configure it

As any hardware it nearly works out of the box. The kernel recognize it fine, but I had to fix my xorg.conf by hand. Sure, not a big work, but on windows it was just inserting the cd, a lot easier. But, true I am unfair, I have a kubuntu dapper (the upcoming 6.06 version) but upgraded from a breezy, and from the look of the xorg.conf on my laptop whose linux was installed from a dapper beta, their is no need to configure xorg by hand now in kubuntu. But still I will provide a link to the wacom linux howto :

Then, in krita, you have to enable the various tools in the setting dialog shown bellow:
Free Image Hosting at

Outlines of a flower

After the usual random draw to test how the tablet work, I decided to test it for real with a drawing. I will use a picture of a red flower as a model:
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Drawing the outline of the flower seems pretty easy, but I am used to draw on paper where the pencil, the hand and the drawing match precisely. With a table, you have some sort of numerical link that is incert between the real pencil and the mouse cursor which makes it quiet hard to control exactly what you are drawing, but I was quiet happy with the result:

Free Image Hosting at


As you can see on the image bellow, for coloring I use a different layers than the outlines, mostly because it allow me to protect them. Then coloring consist mostly in selecting a color from the original picture, and to fill the areas:

Free Image Hosting at

The resulting image looks and feels like old fashion clipart, mostly because it lacks shadows and illumination, but I need to work a little bit more with the tablet before being able to draw them.

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