Libre Graphics Meeting : Day 3

Sorry for all the typos the other day, and all the missing words, I will try to do better for today :)

On the schedule for Sunday, no more big talks about big projects, but the possibility to meet and have discutions between developers and users.


It’s my only regret for the week-end, not to have been able to assist to more of the workshop on blender. And especialy considering that the Orange Project looks so great, I am really impatient to see the final result. I had a few minutes to assist a workshop on how to model a head in Blender, and now that I know where they take their reference pictures, I understand why the guys looks so creepy in the screenshots of Elephants Dream.

The GIMP, gegl : the Empire strike back

Then I went back in the room where the GIMP developers were meeting for a nice talk about integration of GEGL inside the GIMP. For those of you who don’t know what GEGL is, I will make a brief explanation, the name stands for Generic Graphical Library. It is intented to be the next core of the GIMP which will bring a lot of new possibility like colorspace and bit depth independance.

At some point in the discution, someone asked me why Krita wasn’t using GEGL. My first answer was that GEGL is a C library, and Krita is a C++ project, which shouldn’t be a big problem. But, GEGL isn’t finished, and could only be finish after integration in a graphic application, which was the second problem, and if we had choose to use GEGL in Krita two years ago when the question was raised, then we would have have to finish it and code in C, and that something none of us wanted to do. And last but not least, I have thought about an other problem, GEGL wouldn’t have allowed the Watercolor colorspace, as channels need to be continious in GEGL, for instance, there was some arguments about it, because GEGL couldn’t support indexed images, and Watercolor have some channels which are enums.

But this doesn’t mean, that in the future, Krita will not use GEGL, but it will only be as an extension and not as its core.

Lightning talks

This are small talks each one last 5 minutes. I have miss the begining, and I have arrived when François Cami was talking about OpenGraphics whose goal is to make a “free” (like in freedom) graphic card. François Guillet made a brief introduction to Art of Illusion a 3D modeler written in Java.

And then it was my turn to make a brief presentation of Krita. It was a small talk, but it has allowed people who were interested in Krita to know that there was someone of the project to talk with him. I really doubt I have converted a single user last Sunday :)

Lunch time

It was the occasion to speak with a few scribus developers, Marti Maria (of hp and lcms, the library which has made possible color management). And to have a long talk with François Cami of OpenGraphics how Krita could benefit from their programmable card if only it was less expensive 😉

OpenUsability and the GIMP

OpenUsability is a project aimed at helping free software developers to improve usability of their applications, and to ease the communication with so-called usability expert. To be honest, usualy, I am not a big fan of them. But the question which was raised by the expert was: “What is the GIMP ?”. I do agree that this an important question. Usualy you don’t need to know more that it handhelds bitmap files, but sometime, you have to take a decision that will prevent some usage, or make it harder for some people to use your program.

Once again, someone asked me if we had answer to that question. So, what is Krita ? It’s intented to be a painting and drawing application. That doesn’t mean, that Krita can only do that, it just mean that is our priority. It’s possible to edit your photo in Krita, but if we have to take a decision between photo edition or painting, then painting will win.

I had to leave before they reached a conclusion, so I don’t know the answer for the GIMP 😉

The Create project

Create (Create’s planet, Create’s wiki and Create’s mailinglist) is a project of FreeDesktop which aim at sharing data, assets, and anything else between creative programs, whether it is for graphics, music or video.

The actions of the project are sharing ressources, homogenisation of icons, file formats…

Good bye, everybody

So, this is the end, everybody go away on it’s way home and back hacking alone in front of its computer.

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