Libre Graphics Meeting : Day 2

This week-end it was the firt Libre Graphics Meeting in Lyon, it was a conference where users and developers of libre graphics application were meating together, there were people from The GIMP, Blender, inkscape, scribus, xara, and many other projects… and of course I was representing Krita and KOffice.
I wasn’t able to go there for the first day, that’s why I will start with “Day 2″ 😉

Lyon by foot

Of course, each time, I travel there is something that goes wrong in the transportation system, sometimes it’s bad weather, but it’s mostly allways a strike. And there is no exception to that rules, for my first visit to Lyon, I had to go by foots to the conference, as the nice information system of the tramway was speaking of shuttles, but it didn’t said where to take the shuttle, and the native were a little bit lost too.

Vectorial drawing

Creative Commons

The first talk of the day was about Inkscape, OpenClipart & Creative Commons. Two very interesting questions were raised after the talk:

  • how can I search throught the database of clipart ? Currently, OpenClipart uses tags, but it’s not enought, tags can be misleading about an object, and sometime you are looking for a concept. Someone spoke about which is a web site who offer to associate colors with a tag.
  • consitency between cliparts if you visit OpenClipart and browse in their assets, you might notice that there are a lot of different styles, which is quiete annoying if you want to incorporate them in a document. Andy Fitzsimon, an australian artist and inkscape user, spoke later in the afternoon of the possibility of using xsltproc to transform the style of a svg graphic, so you select a style and then the cliparts you want to use and you have achieve consistency. Simple in theory, but there is still a lot of work to do :)

Xara LX

This software is trully amazing for at least three reasons:

  1. Xara took the decision to release as the GPL their flagship product, this is a courageous decision and I wish them success. The motivation behind this move was to increase the user base and to attract new developers
  2. it’s damn fast, the performance page on their website is trully amazing, and Neil Howe used some of the graphics shown in their screenshots gallery
  3. and the interface is really easy and nice to use, you can modify the property of an object in a few mouse click and movement without using a popup dialog, and you see the change in real time

If you want to test Xara LX have a look to their website: and pipitas blog if you want to use the klik package.


And last but not least, scribus is an open source desktop publishing application. The most interesting things about the presentation was that Peter Linnell shows us some real case use of scribus in the professional world.

Behind ennemies lines : spying The GIMP Talks

It’s a joke, of course, the GIMP people are nice and friendly. And there is only friendly competition between the GIMP and krita 😉

After those talks, Dave Neary (coordinator of the conference, and a Gimp developer and release manager) invited me to assist to the Gimp Developers discutions. It was mainly focused on the issues to solve before the next release.

Lyon by night

After the end of the conference, I took some time to have a nice walk (this time on my free will) in the streets of Lyon.

For those who were wondering, if I have stop speaking about krita, it’s not that I have exausted them, it’s more a question of time and motivation, but in a few days, I will start again to speak of the few important major I haven’t speak about yet.

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