One day one feature : improve TIFF writting/reading and PNG/JPEG export option

One of the most important features of 1.4 (for me at least :) ) was missing was export options for png/jpeg, I am even surprise that there was no wishlist items for that in So for 1.5, it is fixed, and we now have export options for JPEG, PNG and TIFF. The three most important raster graphics files formats out there.

Here is the option dialog for PNG :

Free Image Hosting at

Here is the option dialog for JPEG :

Free Image Hosting at

Here is the option dialog for TIFF :

Free Image Hosting at

The new TIFF filter even add a lot more features, as it is able for instance to load various bit depth files, from 1bit to 64bit (it can probably handles more, but it hasn’t been tested).

The other files formats are still handled by the old ImageMagick based import/export filter. And we had two major requests concerning image import/export, it was : improving support for PSD (the photoshop file format) and for the Gimp file format. As for PSD, specifications are only available up to the version 6.0, and ImageMagick allready support that, and for the Gimp, their file format isn’t standardised which makes it very difficult to support it correctly.

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3 Responses to One day one feature : improve TIFF writting/reading and PNG/JPEG export option

  1. Enzo says:

    Hi Cyrille,Thanks for this cool feature, although I did not submit a feature request (shame on me…), this was the feature I was missing most…One minor suggestion: when exporting a PNG the dialog says ‘Compression: Fast or Small’. From the users point of view I think this is a confusing naming (what means ‘fast compression’ regarding the file size?). My suggestion would be use the term ‘Image Quality’ instead of ‘Compression’ and the terms ‘High’ / ‘Low’ instead of ‘Fast’ / ‘Small’. Maybe it might be also a good hint to add a comment about the file size:Image Quality: Low (Small file size) High (Large file size)Best regards,Peter

  2. Cyrille Berger says:

    For the PNG dialog, the issue of “fast/small” was raised before but after the string freeze of Ko1.5, so unfortunately it will wait until next release.

  3. mahoutsukai says:

    @enzo: PNG uses a lossless image compression regardless of the chosen compression (fast or small). Thus using the term “Image Quality” is inappropriate (because there is no difference in the image quality unlike with JPEG).The difference between the two options is:Fast:Pro: Saving won’t take much time because a fast compression algorithm is used.Con: The saved file will usually be larger than with “small” compression.Small:Pro: The saved file will usually be smaller than with fast compression.Con: Saving takes a little bit longer.So the choice would better be (for example):File Size:Smaller (Saving takes longer)Larger (Saving is faster)

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