One day one feature : raindrops

If you live in a very often sunny place, like in the middle of the Sahara, it’s very likely that you don’t know what the rain is. But here, in the Paris, rains is something very common, or at least, we have gray clouds very very often. So, sometimes, you may want to add a little effect of rain drops on a window.

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2 Responses to One day one feature : raindrops

  1. neurol23 says:

    nice effect, but i think it would look nicer, if the raindrops didn’t look all the same. different size is imho not enough, they should have different shapes.

  2. sebas says:

    Just wanted to reassure you that your series of blog articles are really appreciated. I like that approach very much and I’m excited by every single post. Also, of course, thanks for your great work on krita!

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