One day One Feature : Sobel filter

One nice little filter, a sobel edge detector, I am still wondering what use it can be on it’s own, but I like the result, I found it nice :)

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2 Responses to One day One Feature : Sobel filter

  1. Daniel "Suslik" D. says:

    You kidding? Edge detection is one of the best tools for intelligent sharpening. I used to have to:– COntrast + Threshhold (to get some semblance of edges)– “Magic” select– Grow selection– switch back to original image– sharpenContrast + Threshhod is a hell of a painfull way of getting the edges. This tool will be very welcomed.

  2. Cyrille Berger says:

    I know, but I also know far better algorithm for improving edges in photo, I hope to be able to implement them for the next krita release.

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