So this is it, at last, Koffice 1.5 and Krita has enter a new ice age, following our roadmap we have enter feature freeze. A lot of things still need to be done in Krita during the next few weeks. And once koffice is tag, which should happen next week, I will start a serie of articles : “one day, one new feature of krita”.

Bellow is a screenshot of krita-svn, it’s very unlikely that the interface will change much in the final release :

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Just in the UI you can see that a lot of things have change since Krita 1.4 :

The image in edition in krita was taken on this site :

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2 Responses to brrrr

  1. Ariya Hidayat says:

    Man, the screenshot is too big. Why don’t you make a smaller one but clickable to get a full-size version?

  2. Cyrille Berger says:

    Thanks I will do thatBecause it’s my second blog entry and that I am just learning :)

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