Hello World !

I am a developer of Krita, and I live in France, I will use this blog mostly to speak of the new features of Krita.

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5 Responses to Hello World !

  1. Coaster King (back by popular demand) says:

    Then I might as well leave a comment to say how impressed I am about the speed of development with Krita!

  2. Saccagator says:

    Youhou !Bonne chance et vive Krita (et KDE et Le libre tant qu’à faire :D)

  3. superstoned says:

    well make us happy 😉

  4. ZeDanaKil says:

    hi Cyrille,nice to see you on planetKDE :)I hope you post a lots of news about krita

  5. Pieter says:

    Great !I have wanted to get real fam,iliar with Gimp but never get around to it… mostly because for for undefined reason I don’t like the prog.But I had a look at Krita an liked it staight away.Will catch upo and follow this blog.Thanks,P/.

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